Feel you had enough.

Want to see them stand out on their feet.

Love Judo and want to improve your Judo game.

Stop Judo`s Program

we have a unique program

No false promises.

We have an efficient class system.

No magic tricks.

Yoroi smart fit PROGRAM

A unique 8 weeks program, designed to help parents that got kids with contemporary physical, social skills challenges in their day to day life.

Our Judo Smart Fit Program
Judo Kids Photo

Kids - u7

It`s fun, safe and designed with  activities targeting their  fundamental life skills.

Pre/Cadet - u 12)

Get them a champion mindset with fun activities that will teach the Judo fundamental movements that  improve their physical and  social  skills.

Our Judo Champion Mindset Program
Junior Judo Class


Develop physical, social and psychological skills that will last forever and help you to stand strong.


Join a totally friendly to anyone class program  that will get you to a solid Judo style.

Our Judo Adult Class
Judo inclusive


A totally inclusive and friendly to anyone with interest in enjoy Judo in a safe and friendly place with a high qualified sensei.