What is a child safeguarding statement?

The Children First Act 2015 requires organizations that are providers of ‘relevant services to young people to prepare and display a child safeguarding statement.

A child safeguarding statement is a document that specifies the service being provided and the principles and procedures to be observed to ensure, as far as practicable, that a child availing themselves of the service is safe from harm. All Irish Dojos must display a child safeguarding statement while the Dojo is in session. Sport Ireland are committed to ensuring that the best interests of children and young people attending our services are of paramount importance.

We Yoroi Dojo recognize that implementation is an ongoing process. Our service is committed to the implementation of this child safeguarding statement and the procedures that support our intention to keep children safe from harm while availing themselves of our service.

This child safeguarding statement will be reviewed as soon as practicable after there has been a material change in any matter to which the statement refers.

Child Protection Policy

At our club the safety of everyone is important, however the child or vulnerable adults is our first priority. We are committed to a practice, which protects students from harm while they are in our care.

We accept and recognize our responsibilities to develop awareness of the practices that cause student’s harm.

We do this by:
1. Giving parents, students, and volunteers information about what we do and what to expect from us.
2. Keeping records of each child including medical details, any special needs during their membership time in our club.
3. Keeping records of accidents/incidents and any unusual patterns reported.
4. Obtaining consent for various activities.
5. Ensuring there are always sufficient coaches to child ratio present to supervise students.
6. Ensuring our coaching staff are suitably qualified and registered with IJA requirement.
7. Making sure that our staff and volunteers are carefully selected, trained, and supervised.
8. Ensuring persons coming into contact with students in our club have Garda vetting and Safeguarding 1.
9. Letting parents and students know how to voice their concerns or complaint if there is anything, they are not happy about.
10. Procedures for dealing with grievances and complaints are in place.
11. Procedures instructing our students to report bullying issues that may arise.
12. Ensuring health and safety matters are in place.


If you’re concerned about possible child abuse or bad practice within a club, competition or any other judo environment then you should immediately contact:

Our Club Children`s Officer or IJA Judo Federation Safeguarding Team – Designated Liaison Person for Safeguarding.

Irish Judo Association National Children’s Officer
Mr John Martin – info@jfm.ie or 087 9595944.