The Yoroi Dojo club was founded in February 2020 in Navan Co. Meath. The club makes part of the Irish Judo Association and the International Judo Federation.
The club with members managed to overcome all barriers caused due to the lack of facilities available in the area, the global Covid-19 healthy crises circumstances.
We have been continuing to deliver Judo classes for the Navan and surrounding communities areas expanding the club team, members, and helpers to keep the community benefitting from the benefits of our sport and our club project.


Anderson M dos Santos, Sensei is the Yoroi Dojo club founder who is a passionate Judoka that started his Judo path in 1993 in Brazil SP.

After a few years (7 years) not practicing Judo in Ireland, he moved to Navan Co. Meath and decided to expand the Judo benefits as an opportunity to the Navan community opening Yoroi Dojo a Judo club that would allow him to continue the Judo saga that has started with Jigoro Kano the sport’s founder in May 1882 who gathered the best of many Jujutsu styles and his methodologies, methods, and views to his sport creation called Judo translated as ” Gentle Way”.

We constantly seek to improve the club to offer the very best for the club community project. Find below a few of his qualifications:

Judo Coach Anderson Santos
Judo Coach Level I and II

British Judo Coach 2019


International Judo Federation 2019 - 2021

Judo Ireland coaching


Irish Garda Vetted

Ireland 2019

First Aid

Ireland 2022

Safeguarding 1 Child Welfare and Protection

Ireland 2022

Judo Ireland Coaching

Ireland 2018

Bachelor Degree in Physical Education

Brazil 2009